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Umino Koragen Packaging
Umino Koragen

    Ingredient: 100% fish collagen peptide
     Net weight: 100g
    Effects: Beautiful youthful skin, flexible joints, healthy hair and nails
    Origin: Made in Japan

    How to use:
    Take 5-10 grams per day
    Mix with coffee, soup or your favorite beverage

    UMINOKORAGEN comes in edible granular powder. It does not have any flavor on its own so we recommend taking it with coffee, tea, juice or your favorite beverage. It's great to add it to soups or sauces to give them richness. For some delicious Japanese food recipes involving collagen, please go to the Recipes page. To read more about benefits and effects of usage, please click here. If you are interested in learning about scientific aspects of collagen, please look into Collagen Research section of the website. To order UMINOKORAGEN, please contact us.